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Perfect Harmony

Meet The Band: Who We Are



Keith Taylor is originally from Washington D.C. but has spent the last 30 years in High Point, NC with his wife Teresa and son Buddha. Keith’s love for music began in 1978 at a GOGO show where he saw Santana and Miles Davis jam with Chuck Brown. Keith got his first bass
immediately after at just 10 years old and has loved to play ever since. To Keith, the best part about being a musician is “creating feel-good sounds.” His inspiration comes from The Meters, Sanatana, Black Flag, and The Clash. Keith hopes that his music allows people to feel alright, to get lost in the music and to forget their problems for a while.




Dustin Jennings was born and raised in High Point, NC, and has lived there his entire life. In his free time, Dustin loves hanging out with his loving wife, Shelley, and son, Miles, and their two pets: a black lab named Ella and a cat named Katy Purry. His love for music began at a young age. Dustin has a passion for jazz and improvisation that began at just 11 years old, pulling inspiration from jazz legends like Miles Davis and Louis Armstrong. Although Dustin is an avid lover of Jazz, classical musicians such as Mozart and Debussy have also influenced his music. To Dustin, the greatest part about playing live music with Red Umber is the freedom to be creative. In true jazz fashion, Dustin explains that he loves being able to put his own spin on the music he plays. “Whether I’m playing for 10 or 10,000 I like to put my everything into it.” Dustin hopes that his music elicits an emotional experience in his listeners that allows them to leave their worries behind.




Andy Lemaire has played guitar for 26 years. Over the course of that time, Andy has played in a variety of styles including hard rock, jam bands, funk, jazz, and settings ranging from solo classical performances to groups that played entirely improvised music. While attending Appalachian State University, Andy became a permanent fixture in the local music scene in Boone, performing with a handful of bands in numerous venues. Andy also performed in the ASU Guitar Ensemble. Andy has spent many years studying music and has attended clinics with notable jazz musicians such as Reuben Rogers, Wessel Anderson, Ralph Bowen, and Joey Calderazzo.

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Jack King has been a professional guitarist for over 45 years. playing several thousand gigs in a variety of genres. He has taught private guitar lessons for 30 years to hundreds of students. Jack is featured on the CDs Unity and Alienation by The Matt Kendrick Unit, Wear and Tear by Brice Street, and Dave Cecil Band. Jack enjoys performing music in a wide range of styles.




Jeff Wade was born and raised in Winston-Salem and has lived in the Triad off and on his entire life. Music, like Winston-Salem, has always been a constant in Jeff’s life. Seeing the Beatles on Ed Sullivan sparked an interest in percussion. This interest evolved into a love for playing the drums that has endured for over 50 years. Chicago, Earth Wind & Fire, as well as Big Band Drummers like Buddy Rich and Louis Bellson. His all-time favorite is the legendary Steve Gadd.  Before playing the drums for Red Umber, Jeff spent many years in Nashville, touring and doing session work. Upon his return to Winston Salem, Jeff spent 13 years as the Principal Percussionist for the Piedmont Wind Symphony—playing alongside big-name legends including Al Jarreau, Kenny G, Dionne Warwick, Paul Anka, Arturo Sandoval, Three Dog Night, America, and Ronnie Millsap. Jeff has now been playing with Red Umber for close to 10 years and says that playing with such a talented group of musicians inspires him. Music feeds Jeff’s soul. When asked what he hopes that people take away from his music, Jeff’s response was that he wants his music to move people, to “inspire them to see the good in people, no politics, no drama, just lose yourself in the music… It's a wonderful journey.”

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